I am H. I am super interested in the messy dance between sexuality and gender. I am currently splitting my time between community engagement and my PhD studies at the University of Brighton. I love chatting about sex, bodies and how we make meaning out of intimacy and identities.

When I am not doing these things, I am hanging out with my dog or growing things in the housing co-operative garden where I live in Brighton, UK.

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Right now in the United Kingdom, under Tory rule, it is #NotSafeToBeMe

They cancelled their conference to try and escape the inevitable backlash of marginalised communities standing up for themselves, but we will not be deterred.

Parliament Square.

Wednesday 29th June.


📢 Join us this Sat 14 May at this national demo against the Derwentside/Hassockfield women's immigration detention centre.12-3pm, Palace Green, Durham.

We will be speaking against destitution, detention and deportation ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏼


(See thread for speakers list)

As anti-trans legislation ramps up, as the media supports it, as people target the lives and wellbeing of trans kids, I see why they’d want PET out of schools and libraries. They don’t want kids to know what a world like PET’s looks like, because that would look like hope.

I am dreaming of Relational Resilience - a way of being that allows for elasticity, attachment rupture & repair, easefulness & joy that doesn't erase hurt and harm, the ability to "bounce back" from offense & assume the best in people. What would that paradigm even look like?

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