H is an artist, activist, and educator who researches the sexual practices of trans people at the University of Brighton. Informed by their experience as a disabled, queer and trans sex worker, their values of access intimacy, vulnerability, creative communication, and consent underpin their practice.

Their PhD project ‘How we Fuck’ uses intimacy as method to make visible the diverse ways trans people engage with the materiality of fucking, and the ways that a trans, disabled scholar engages (with) the University.

Their past work includes designing and delivering Fuck Gender: A Queer Sex Workshop, supporting Kate Bornstein’s UK tour of My Gender Workshops, presenting at Brighton 2017 Trans Pride conference, and writing for various publications including a trans issue of Context magazine for systemic therapists, the anthologies Non-Binary Lives, Letter to My Little Queer Self, and Academy of Whores (forthcoming).  

They are passionate about sharing skills to explore pleasure and intimacy; exploring tools to facilitate embodiment; and finding language that works to talk about gender and sexuality.

H teaches and learns from a sex-critical, intersectional perspective that embraces our varied, plural and complex relationships with sex and our bodies.